Get Involved

We would love to have all Palestinians in the UK involved in the association. As we are preparing for our first elections, you can get involved in 2 ways.

Join the APCUK

You can apply to join the APCUK in either of two ways:

Membership is open to all Palestinians living in the UK at 3 levels:

  1. Full membership is open to all British Palestinians with British Citizenship and to all Palestinians with permanent UK residency.
  2. Associate membership is open to all Palestinians with temporary leave to remain in the UK.
  3. Honorary membership can be given by the locally elected executive committees. You cannot apply for this membership – it is given by the executive committee.

Organise a New Branch

We currently have one area active with an elected executive committee, namely London. One more is being currently organised, with a number more being considered.

If you can get together 50 or more Palestinian Brits in another locality, then you can create a branch. For more details, please read the constitution.